WHY the best time to have your piano tuned is NOW.

Having your piano tuned is like a musical and pianistic
When a piano is in tune the music it produces is beautiful.
An out of tune, improperly functioning piano is akin to a car that is running rough, almost out of gas, needs air in the tires, and a good wash and wax. You can still drive it, but…………….
After a piano is tuned, it’s like a car that’s running smooth, with a full tank of gas, properly inflated tires, and detailed.
You WANT to drive it!
It’s the same with pianos, when they are in tune and functioning properly—-you WANT to play. Pianists play them more often and for longer periods of time—this creates MORE MUSIC! Music is a good thing, everybody likes SOME kind of music; music makes people feel good.
The end result of having your piano tuned NOW is—- the piano will be played more, and more music will be enjoyed by the performer and listeners——MORE MUSIC!!
I don’t think ANYONE could disagree with the concept that more music in the world is a positive thing.